Siberian Husky Bloodlines: CALIVALI

CALIVALI - Roland and Ruby Bowles, Laconia, New Hampshire. An old-timer who once drove the Chinook Kennels team, Roland Bowles bred racing Siberian Huskies in the New England tradition during the 1950s and 1960s.

THE CALIVALI BLOODLINE was an eclectic mixture of Siberian Huskies from various sources. It is questionable whether it ever had an identifiable character as a strain in its own right; it is better considered as simply one manifestation of the catchall "New England Racing Siberian" sled dog gene pool that also included other breeders such as Doris Cassady, Steve Tassey, William Belletete, J. August Duval, Dick Moulton, Edward Samburgh, Jean Bryar's non-Seppala breedings, etc.

Bowles acquired a pure Seppala female from the Millie Turner kennel, Seesu of Cold River, whom he bred to an early Landry mixed-lineage male White Water Lake Knight. Progeny of that mating, notably Rocky of Calivali and Rubi of Calivali, were then bred to dogs of other bloodlines -- Rocky to the white bitch Dama of Monadnock, Rubi to a white Bow Lake/Gatineau/Monadnock male, Kimok. Later breedings involved Igloo Pak, Foxstand, and Yeso Pac stock. The only consistent pattern in the Bowles breedings is found in the repeated presence of White Water Lake Knight in the pedigree from varied breedings to a multiplicity of different females. The most typical and well-known manifestation of the Calivali bloodline was the progeny of the Tiger x Berta and Tiger x Betsey matings (Berta and Betsey were littermate sisters), a pedigree of which is available below.

Calivali bloodline, like any other, contains its share of Seppala lineage, but more by happenstance than by any obvious plan or design. The Bowles line is part of the New England racing Siberian Husky bloodline complex. It cannot reasonably be maintained that Bowles' breeding had any specific orientation towards Seppala type or content. Mainstream Siberian Huskies from Monadnock, Igloo Pak, and Chinook Kennels lineage were a continuing feature of Bowles pedigrees from the earliest breedings through to the latest ones. The Calivali bloodline gradually disappeared as a distinct entity during the 1970s and 1980s; when it appears in modern pedigrees, it is usually in association with Igloo Pak lines since Dr. Roland Lombard made use of two or three late Calivali animals in his breeding.

The appearance and physique of the Bowles stock was variable, but in general markedly more rangy than the Seppala norm, and in colour and markings more in line with the usual New England racing Siberian look. There was little evidence of Seppala type in this mixed lineage, despite the presence of Cold River and Foxstand dogs in the pedigrees. It should be considered a typical New England Racing Siberian Husky bloodline.

SAMPLE PEDIGREE -- Tonto of Calivali (Opens in a new window.)