Siberian Husky Bloodlines: KODIAK

KODIAK - Debra Ryan Fogarty, Pointe Claire, Quebec; later Apple Hill, Ontario. Kodiak Kennels was active as a Siberian Husky racing kennel in Canada in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Its foundation stock consisted of several dogs from local western Quebec and Ontario kennels, several of them sons and daughters of Earl Kellett's Landry male, Spook of White Water Lake.

FOREMOST AMONG THOSE Spook progeny were Kirkemo's Tebee, Aggo de Kramotik, and Kelson's Ginger. One foundation bitch only was pure Seppala, Verhelynn's Ruby of Kodiak, out of a brother-sister mating by Verner Zoschke of Arnprior, Ontario, who had owned Bru of Seppala, Gagnon's Vixen and Gagnon's Nana. One of the Spook sons used by Kodiak, Aggo de Kramotik, was out of Malamak's Inca, a J. M. McDougall-bred pure Seppala bitch. Dogs were added to the Kodiak bloodline from the Kimik breedings of Nancy Scarthe, who was a small-team recreational racer near Ottawa, ON, in the 1960s and 1970s.

The net result was a mixed-lineage racing Siberian Husky strain with a variable unique-Seppala content, usually between one-quarter and one-half. While far from being an "other Seppala" strain, Kodiak can be regarded as a part-Seppala Husky bloodline. The Kodiak kennel has never been profiled among either Seppala kennels or part-Seppala kennels in any of the Willett books. Nevertheless, several Kodiak dogs have entered the percentage-Seppala genome via Sepp-Alta breeding. Foremost of these are Kodiak's Lily and Kodiak's Layla (sisters by Aggo de Kramotik out of Kelson's Ginger with around 34% unique-Seppala content). Others include Kodiak's Valois and Kodiak's Cree.

Most of the photos that I have seen of Kodiak dogs appear to indicate a strong type unique to the strain. They tend to be tall, square in body proportions, heavily pigmented dogs with heavy spectacles and facial masks, quite distinct in appearance from Markovo-Seppala norms. Kodiak must be considered a Racing Siberian Husky bloodline, based largely upon White Water Lake, with a minority Seppala component.

SAMPLE PEDIGREE -- Kodiak's Cree (Opens in a new window.)