Siberian Husky Bloodlines: NEW ENGLAND

THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN AN IMPORTANT COLLECTIVE Racing Siberian Husky bloodline in the northeast called the "New England" bloodline. Never identified with any one individual, it owns a separate existence from other major racing bloodlines in the same area such as Igloo Pak or Zero, although it overlaps with them to a certain extent.

Within the New England collective can be found both important individual breeders who had identifiable minor bloodlines of their own, such as Steve J. Tassey of Shelburne, NH, or Dick Moulton of Center Harbor, NH, and people who only bred an occasional litter and never achieved much recognition on their own, although they definitely contributed to the growth of the collective bloodline.

The New England bloodline can be characterised by the eclectic nature of its pedigrees. There is no way to say that it is based on anyone's breeding in particular! Nevertheless, certain key dogs have a way of showing up in New England pedigrees over and over again. WHITE WATER LAKE KNIGHT is one, the early Anthony Landry dog that was sold to Grace Manley and attracted the attention of both Lorna B. Demidoff and Roland R. Bowles. COLUMBIA'S ADMIRAL, IZOK OF GAP MOUNTAIN, SPIDER (and her daughters and granddaughters MAMBO, MUSIC, QUEEN et al.) are other individuals that pop up in many diverse pedigrees.

SPIDER is a common theme, so let's examine this shadowy New England bitch. She must have been bred by Dr. Roland Lombard, although she does not carry the Igloo Pak name. Why? Her sire was IGLOO PAK'S BLUI, her dam Lombard's famous leader CH. HELEN OF COLD RIVER (pure Seppala from the Millie Turner kennel, daughter of the Turner leader "Cossack" and granddaughter of the Siberia import Kree Vanka). Roger Welcome was her owner. Spider was bred once to MONADNOCK'S NIKKO, producing the well-known MUSIC, and to FOXSTAND'S MERCURY, FOXSTAND'S NOAH, FOXSTAND'S TRU-BLU, FOXSTAND'S WHITEY, and THUNDER (both of whose parents were Foxstand dogs)! I'm not sure what the plan was, if there was one, but the results are liberally scattered throughout New England pedigrees to this day.

A remarkable characteristic of many New England pedigrees is that they are anywhere from one eighth to seven-eighths unique-Seppala in background. Foxstand dogs often figure heavily in the ancestry of New England lineage dogs, as do Cold River dogs (a little earlier in the game) and the McFaul stock acquired by Keith Bryar. MOULTON'S SCAT and TERROR OF TEMAKWA are interesting examples.

It would be pointless to attempt to name all the breeders who contributed to this bloodline; inevitably one would leave out too many. But let's just mention a few names that come to mind: Doris Cassady, Edward "Buster" Samburgh, Steve Tassey, Dick Molburg, Dick Moulton, Roger Welcome, Jean Bryar, Anne Wing -- as well, of course, as "Doc" Lombard, Ruby and Roland Bowles, Harris Dunlap, Charles Posey, Lloyd Slocum and others who had established bloodlines of their own. The show dogs of Eva B. Seeley and Lorna B. Demidoff are regularly borrowed to appear in New England racing Siberian Husky pedigrees, too, nowhere more remarkably than in the case of the renowned Anne Wing "phenom" sire SANDANONA LANCHE, whose pedigree appears below.

SAMPLE PEDIGREE -- Moulton's Scat (Opens in a new window.)
SAMPLE PEDIGREE -- Warlock's Hector of Kadatuk (Opens in a new window.)
SAMPLE PEDIGREE -- Cheenah's Thrush (Opens in a new window.)
SAMPLE PEDIGREE -- Terror of Temakwa (Opens in a new window.)
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