Siberian Husky Bloodlines: RIVER VIEW

The RIVER VIEW bloodline of Carolyn Ritter in Mercer, Wisconsin, was created in the late1980s and early 1990s. After a small beginning with mainstream Siberian Huskies, Carolyn became serious about mid-distance racing and acquired Seppalas from Deborah Serbousek and Douglas W. Willett. Carolyn's kennel was the last known pure Seppala breeding programme in the United States. Her last litter was in 1992; the dogs were sold in 1993 after a marital breakup.

The RIVER VIEW foundation bitches were KARCAJOU'S DREAMA OF WINDIGO, bred by the Serbouseks, half MARKOVO and half SEPPINEAU in background, and POWDER OF MARKOVO bred by Curt Stuckey out of pure MARKOVO lines. POWDER was acquired from Doug Willett, already bred to UELEN'S BEOWULF OF SEPP-ALTA; she whelped the Sepp-Alta Z-litter '88 in Mercer at Carolyn's kennel in March. In December of that year both Dreama and Powder were bred to JAZZ OF WINDIGO, another half MARKOVO half SEPPINEAU male through WINDIGO and SEPP-ALTA lines.

Carolyn acquired a number of SEPP-ALTA dogs, not all of which she used for breeding. PETER OF SEPP-ALTA her command leader (by HERCULES OF SEPP-ALTA ex UELEN'S ALI), XPACE OF SEPPALTA (by UELEN'S EBONY OF SEPP-ALTA ex DYNAMIKOS RUBY) and ADOLPH OF SEPP-ALTA (by HERCULES OF SEPP-ALTA ex DYNAMIKOS RUBY) all sired RIVER VIEW litters. ZEUS OF SEPP-ALTA and Z-Z-Z'S OF SEPP-ALTA of the BEOWULF/POWDER litter were also used for breeding by Carolyn.

River View foundation stock in summary:

The RIVER VIEW bloodline was unique for its broader genetic base than the SEPP-ALTA lines of the same period. RIVER VIEW stock went on to contribute to several other bloodlines, including those of the Seppala Siberian Sleddog project at SEPPALA KENNELS in the Yukon.

SAMPLE PEDIGREE -- RIVER VIEW'S HURLEY (Opens in a new window.)