Pedigree of: SIGRID 3rd OF FOXSTAND

SEPP (unregd.)
FRITZ (unregd.)
DOLLY (unregd. Siberia import)
HARRY (unregd. Leonhard Seppala)
UGRUK (unregd.)
SHIKA (unregd.)
BOORKA (unregd.)
CHENUK (unregd.)
KAYAK (unregd.)
PUTZA (unregd.)
SIGRID (unregd.)
KOLYMA (unregd. Leonhard Seppala)
NAGURUK (unregd.)
DUSKA (unregd.)
MELBA (unregd.)
SIGRID 3rd OF FOXSTAND (unregd.)
UGRUK (unregd.)
SUGGEN (unregd.)
LISKA (unregd.)
TOGO (unregd. Leonhard Seppala)
DOLLY (unregd. Siberia import)
MOLINKA (AKC 787269)
NANSEN (unregd.)
JAFET (unregd.)
TACOMA (unregd.)
NOME (unregd. Leonhard Seppala)
HANS (unregd.)
ALMA (unregd.)
ADA (unregd.)

(PURE SEPPALA dogs in this pedigree are indicated by purple-coloured type and capital letters.)

SIGRID 3rd OF FOXSTAND was bred (perhaps by the Belfords) in the early 1930s; an unregistered bitch, her exact birthdate appears to be unknown today; her breeder is also somewhat uncertain. She was definitely owned by Belfords and was to have been Charlie's foundation bitch for further breeding once he completed veterinary college. William L. Shearer III wanted the bitch badly, and finally obtained her at a price equivalent then to a year's college tuition for Charlie. In 1940 Shearer discarded his earlier Seeley-derived stock and started over, breeding Millie Turner's leader "Cossack" (Ch. VANKA OF SEPPALA 2nd) to SIGRID 3rd OF FOXSTAND. The resulting litter established a bloodline that endured into the 1950s and became a pillar of Seppala lineage.