Siberian Husky Bloodlines: WOBISKA

WOBISKA - Harold Oakes, Perth, Ontario. Wobiska Kennels of Harold Oakes were a minor Siberian Husky operation of limited importance even locally in the Eastern Ontario region. Oakes bred Husky pups for sale locally and occasionally went to races in the Ottawa-Kingston-Perth-Smiths Falls area.

THE WOBISKA FOUNDATION BITCH was a New England Siberian Husky bitch, Tisha's Sitka. Oakes acquired Ch. Bryar's Texas from Bunty Goudreau (Chelmsford, ON) who had purchased him from his breeder Jean M. Lane. Texas was Harold's pride and joy, and was admired in eastern Ontario for the blue-eyed flashily-marked pups that he threw. I knew Chippy, Tasha, Laska and other Wobiska females from the backcrossed Texas mating shown in the example pedigree; the Rev. Don McEwen (Nekanesu Kennels) at that time drove a number of Oakes dogs, and I knew Don. I drove Tasha myself for a season, on loan from McEwen. They were nice little dogs with bright, eager dispositions and no particular resemblance to McFaul stock. Oakes also had a shaggy, long-coated male, Shady Lane's Khony of Wobiska, from the Eva Havlicek kennels in Dundas, ON, who appears occasionally in today's pedigrees. Shady Lane was a show-pet kennel that bred from a mixture of Gatineau, Igloo Pak, Seppala and old Canadian lineage. A late addition to the Wobiska line was a Dick Molburg dog, Terror of Temakwa.

Nothing about Harold Oakes' Wobiska Kennels or the stock produced there gives the least credibility to the claim that this bloodline should be considered a tributary "other-Seppala" line. Percentage credit might perhaps be given for the presence of the McFaul dog Boyarka of Seppala (sire of Ch. Bryar's Texas), but that would really be the reasonable limit. The Wobiska bloodline was certainly never part of any serious or sustained Seppala breeding programme.

SAMPLE PEDIGREE -- Wobiska's Chippy of Roka(Opens in a new window.)