Siberian Husky Bloodlines: GAGNON

ALLAN GAGNON lived in the town of Maniwaki, Québec, as did J. D. "Donnie" McFaul. His interest in Siberians was purely to run a freighting team; his dogs were working huskies, pure and simple. He acquired his foundation bitches from McFaul and bred them to McFaul stud dogs.

The GAGNON bloodline was a straightforward amalgam of Gatineau and McFaul Seppala. Some of the stock produced was Seppala/Gatineau mix, and some was pure Seppala. His foundation stock was as follows:

The influence of Allan Gagnon's stock is somewhat out of proportion to his actual breeding (a total of only six litters). Gagnon dogs went to J. Malcolm McDougall, Keith Bryar, Verner Zoschke, Contantine Dello and others and can be found in many different pedigrees today, including those of the now-widespread KODIAK racing Siberian Husky bloodline.

SAMPLE PEDIGREE -- Gagnon's Ruby (Opens in a new window.)
SAMPLE PEDIGREE -- Verhelynn's Ruby of Kodiak (Opens in a new window.)