Learning More About
Siberian Husky Bloodlines


UNTIL NOW THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN A DEFINITE LACK of basic explanatory material on the web about past bloodline history of the Siberian Husky. The Siberian Husky has become a numerous and popular breed, yet its breeders and its breed clubs show little concern for education of novice breeders. There are certainly "old hands" still around who could offer such material; but no one seems to have both the knowledge and the inclination to offer vital historic bloodline information on the Internet.

Just try running a Google search for Calivali, Natomah, or other historic kennels of the racing Siberian Husky! Apart from these very web pages you are now reading, you will find little; only the names in online pedigrees, plus a brief list or two of kennel names. Even the Siberian Husky breed clubs -- SHCA, SHCC, ISHC -- don't seem to want to educate people about the bloodlines and history of their own breed -- that seems short-sighted, to say the least.

SEPPALA LINEAGE in times past -- despite the continued denials that such a bloodline even exists -- has played a crucial rôle in the development of ALL Siberian Husky bloodlines. I hope this educational subdomain sponsored by Seppala Kennels will now demonstrate the extent to which not just the Racing Siberian Husky, but even major historic show bloodlines (such as Monadnock and Marlytuk) are indebted to Seppala strain. I trust that it will also show just how different is unique-Seppala, McFaul/Shearer lineage from common racing Siberian Husky strains that some still try to pass off as "other Seppala" or "non-Markovo Seppala."

There has always been great confusion about what is Seppala and what is not. (If you are not quite certain just what is meant by "Seppala strain," here is a brief explanation.) In order to know Seppalas well, one must also know about other Siberian Husky bloodlines that, while they might be superficially similar in some ways to Seppalas, are really quite different from them in important respects. Here, then, are capsule summaries of the major historic non-Seppala and/or part-Seppala racing Siberian Husky kennels and bloodlines, as well as the major pure Seppala kennels and bloodlines that preserved the Leonhard Seppala sled dog throughout the twentieth century and into the new millennium.


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