Siberian Husky Bloodlines: LITTLE ALASKA

LITTLE ALASKA - Dr. Harold Frendt, Jim Thorpe, PA. He used the kennel name Penn Forest for his early Siberians, purchased from Bow Lake kennels. "Hal" Frendt bred racing Siberian Huskies from around 1952 through the mid-1960s. Little Alaska foundation stock came from Bow Lake, Monadnock, and Gatineau.

PROBABLY DR. FRENDT'S earliest Siberians would have been Leonard of Penn Forest (Suggen of Bow Lake x Czarina of Gatineau) and Zima of Monadnock (White Water Lake Knight x Tanya of Monadnock). He acquired Nicko of Gatineau from Donnie McFaul; the date is not known, but apparently quite late in the dog's life. Nicko was born in 1943 and had a full career as McFaul's best command leader; he may have gone to Dr. Frendt aged 8 or 9. The well-known Cleopatra of Little Alaska (King Huskie of Gatineau x Neva of Seppala) was bred from two dogs owned by Robert K. Ritter (who had purchased several Gatineau and Seppala dogs from J. D. "Donnie" McFaul).

Leonard of Penn Forest and Gromko of Bow Lake both sired Little Alaska litters. Dr. Frendt also used Donnie's leader Foxstand's Sunday at stud, and bred two litters from Dr. Roland Lombard's Igloo Pak's Tok. Mustang of Little Alaska, a brother to Dr. Lombard's Giblet, was acquired from his breeder Robert Ruddell.

Little Alaska stock was popular with others who bred racing Siberian Huskies. Thus the bloodline survived through the breeding of Dr. Lombard, Doug Bard (Kainino) and others, but primarily through the breeding of Art and Judy Allen (Natomah), who acquired such dogs as Mustang of Little Alaska, Hawk of Little Alaska, Poco of Little Alaska, and Cleopatra of Little Alaska, possibly when Frendt sold out.

The Little Alaska bloodline, based on Bow Lake and Monadnock stock, is another example of mixed-lineage racing Siberian Husky breeding. Due largely to Mustang and Cleopatra, it had a substantial Seppala component, but was never part of the main Seppala trunk and did no pure Seppala breeding. Little Alaska dogs were mostly from 85 to 90 percent Seppala ancestry (figured by the back-to-the-boat method) and most of the Seppala content is through Gatineau.

SAMPLE PEDIGREE -- Nicko 2nd of Little Alaska (Opens in a new window.)