Siberian Husky Bloodlines: ZERO

ZERO - Harris L. Dunlap, Bakers Mills, New York. Dunlap started dogsled racing in the 1960s with Siberian Huskies. Like many keen competitors, he soon switched to Alaskans, but he continued to breed his Siberian bloodline and to include the best of them in his open-class speed racing team.

THE ZERO BLOODLINE was tightly bred and based primarily on the mating of ZERO'S THREE SPOTS and ZERO'S RENA. Three Spots came from old Canadian bloodlines: Snow Ridge, Huskie Lodge, Shady Lane. Rena was out of New England Racing Siberian Husky lineage, a double granddaughter of POSEY'S WILLIWAH; her background was mostly Igloo Pak and Calivali. A McFaul Seppala component entered the bloodline with the mating of MAQUOIS OF SEPPALA to Three Spot's dam, OOMIK'S SVEA, to produce DECCA OF BROOKVILLE. Small amounts of other bloodlines came into the picture, but the Three Spots/Rena mating plus DECCA OF BROOKVILLE was the main genetic base for a sustained breeding programme that spanned six generations. The Dunlap kennel closed in the mid-1990s.

Dunlap won the Fairbanks, Alaska, ONAC in 1982 and the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous in 1983, becoming probably the last person to win the ONAC with Siberians on his team. His ambitious kennel and breeding programme attempted to keep three distinct sleddog strains going at once: his own bloodline of Alaskan huskies, his bloodline of what he termed "polar huskies" (something between an Alaskan and a racing Siberian, he described them as his effort to re-create the All Alaska Sweepstakes Siberians!), and his Zero AKC-registered racing Siberian Huskies. Dunlap also collaborated in pioneering research on sleddog nutrition with dog driver/veterinarian Arleigh Reynolds and academic Dr. David Kronfeld.

Rather surprisingly (since their unique-Seppala content was small), many of the Zero dogs resembled Seppalas somewhat, even to the extent of often being white-headed saddlebacks, though they were usually taller and much more nervous than Seppalas. Although, like most racing Siberian Husky strains, the Zero bloodline had a Seppala component through its old Canadian lineage and through Maquois of Seppala, it is another example of a unique breeder vision, definitely Racing Siberian Husky with actually less unique-Seppala content than most such lines. Strongly inbred and selected for many generations, the Dunlap dogs had their own distinct identity that was parallel to, but not part of, the Seppala tradition.

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