Siberian Husky Bloodlines: MALAMAK

The MALAMAK Kennels of J. Malcolm McDougall in Ste. Agathe des Monts, Québec, had a very well-known (if rather closely-held) bloodline of pure Seppala racing Siberians in the 1960s. McDougall also regularly took his Seppalas to the dog shows for the fun of it, and managed to show several to their Canadian bench championships.

"Mac" McDougall began his breeding with McFaul males and females, plus an Allan Gagnon bitch. How he induced J. D. "Donnie" McFaul to part with intact bitches (when Keith Bryar had failed at the same proposition) is anyone's guess; one suspects that he must have employed the Bill Shearer tactic of raising the sum offered to the point of irresistibility. At any rate, he acquired VIXEN OF SEPPALA 4th and CHUGACH OF SEPPALA (both of whom became Canadian bench champions, as did VIXEN's brother SARGO OF SEPPALA 2nd). His foundation stock were the following:

McDougall also used the Roland Lombard stud dog IGLOO PAK'S TOK for a single litter of which none contributed to subsequent Malamak breeding. The predominant dogs in the Malamak bloodline were the stud dog MAQUOIS OF SEPPALA and the bitches GAGNON'S RUBY and Ch. VIXEN OF SEPPALA 4th. McDougall sold little of his stock, usually telling enquirers that "if a dog isn't any good to me, then he isn't any good to anyone else either." He did sell a pair of dogs to Jimmy Orr of Val d'Or, Québec, whose VALECHO Kennels bred a number of litters based on a foundation of MALAMAK'S ECHO (by Ch. SARGO OF SEPPALA 2nd ex GAGNON'S RUBY) and MALAMAK'S INCA (by MAQUOIS OF SEPPALA ex Ch. CHUGACH OF SEPPALA).

Fortunately for Seppala survival, MALAMAK'S EGO had been bred to an outside bitch of Joel Nordholm breeding, EMBER OF SNOW MYTH owned by J. H. Jacobs of Caughnawaga, Québec. The resulting SEPSEQUEL litter figured heavily in the breeding of both MARKOVO and SEPPINEAU Kennels during the Markovo rescue period. Another outside litter, sired by MALAMAK'S GLACIER out of MALAMAK'S JAUNTY produced FROSTFIRE ANISETTE, another of the MARKOVO foundation bitches. I acquired LYL OF SEPSEQUEL and FROSTFIRE ANISETTE from Johanna Wilson in 1970. Thus the MALAMAK descendant breeding from McFaul's Seppala kennels was critical to the escape of Seppala strain from extinction in the 1970s.

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