Siberian Husky Bloodlines: IGLOO PAK

IGLOO PAK - Dr. Roland Lombard (DVM), of Wayland MA, enjoyed the reputation in his own lifetime of being one of the all-time greats of dogsled racing. He was eight times the winner of the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous and six times of the Fairbanks Open North American Championship in the 1950s and 1960s. For much of his racing career he ran purebred Siberian Huskies though in later years he switched to Alaskan huskies.

THE IGLOO PAK BLOODLINE of racing Siberian Huskies was firmly based on the usual New England mixture of Seeley and Seppala lines with an unusually high proportion of Eva B. Seeley lineage for a successful racing bloodline. Lombard did relatively little breeding of his own and to a certain extent kept his strain going by taking back puppies in return for stud service. He was an advocate of inbreeding and frequently employed it in the extreme form of full-sib (brother-sister) matings.

Dr. Lombard's first notable lead dog, Ch. Helen of Cold River, was a pure Seppala out of the Millie Turner kennel. His best-known stud dogs were Igloo Pak's Tok (a son of Alyeska's Sugrut of Chinook) and Igloo Pak's Wing-A (a grandson of Tok). Although there may be rather less Seppala in the Igloo Pak mix than is often the case in New England bloodlines (the amount varies from one pedigree to the next), nevertheless the Seppala line was a still a strong factor in his strain. Dr. Lombard at one time owned and bred from a Shearer male, Foxstand's Pontiac (sly Bill Shearer kept for his own team a littermate, Foxstand's Cadillac). Lombard also made use of a very high-percentage (99.06%) Seppala male of Gagnon, McFaul and Gatineau background bred by Robert Ruddell, named Giblet, whose influence persists today in pedigrees through the stud dog Igloo Pak's Candy and his daughters Koonah's Spice and Koonah's Ikatuk. Igloo Pak lineage of the 1960s commonly shows a strong Calivali component.

Igloo Pak dogs seldom bore much resemblance to Seppalas. They usually had a typical look all their own, often with heavy "spectacle" facial masks. Like most of the well-known and long-established Racing Siberian Husky lineages, Igloo Pak had its own breeding plan, its own "look," its own typical physique and had no particular Seppala orientation, although Seppala dogs were used for breeding along with those of other bloodlines. Igloo Pak should be classed as essentially a Seeley-based Racing Siberian Husky bloodline with minority Seppala content.

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